The Misfits

Standing out in society

Welcome Fellas!

This site, the clan, and it's members have been inactive for over 3 years. Once a special place for the burning flame of the dominators of the streets of APB, The MiSFiTs, now that flame has went out and the site simply serves as a memoire for the few friendships that were formed and much fun that was had during the time that the clan was active. I, Warshade, the clan's former and leader, changed the background image of the page and the color of a few texts today on 4/7/2014 at 5:19 AM to better suit the site and respect the clan's wishes that I never had previously, but kept it how it was for the most part to respect them even more. I feel some fault for the clan failing and falling, I look back at this old site and see mistakes I made and remember even older ones from in-game/real-life and it pains me that maybe if I hadn't of made those mistakes or kept with it that this could have been a lot better of a thing. But maybe that's why I'm typing this today, for someone, anyone, to read this and to help me to rekindle the old flame once again. I don't believe that it's dead, it's just resting, waiting for the day to come back and rise again. Maybe in a different form, a different name or a different game, but either way it's still the same idea and the same thing I started years ago. So if anyone thinks of this old site or the clan itself, comes here and see this (maybe even for no apparent reason), and feels some small amount of nostalgia, you may e-mail me at or even text me at 740-459-9773 to talk about old times, and hopefully new times to take our history/hierarchy further into the future. I know I for sure, would like to see that happen. Goodbye for now. Warshade                                                                                                 Btw.. make sure to highlight the unintentional pun with your cursor in the 2nd line, 3rd across of Anarchy signs. (That's one thing I didn't change)

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